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Letter to Secretary Moran regarding UVA violent arrest by ABC agents

March 23, 2015Blog Post

March 23, 2015

The Honorable Brian Moran
Office of the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Dear Mr. Secretary,

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Ethics Reform

March 14, 2015Blog Post

Open Letter to Governor McAuliffe:

I am in complete support of the intent of the ethics reform bill HB 2070. However, after careful reading of the final version which was presented at the end of the very last day of this session, I have serious concerns about a number of points and urge you to amend HB 2070 with the following in mind:

1) The composition of the Ethics Council;

• Membership consists solely of legislators and one retired judge, who could well have been a legislator;

• Members are not required to have specific expertise, training or experience;

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Senator Reeves is rigging his own election & Who does Delegate Ramadan work for?

February 22, 2015Blog Post

This week in Richmond, conservatives have gone from outrageous attempts to rig elections to attacks on women's health in the budget. While we're getting closer to the end of the General Assembly session, we still have a lot of fighting left to do.

Thank you so much for your support so far, but stick with us because we need your help to battle through to the end. Here is this week's update on our major issues:

Senator Reeves is rigging his own election

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I am officially a member of Team GMU!

February 9, 2015Blog Post