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2017 Legislative Session Summary Release

Summary of the 2017 Legislative Session by the Virginia Division of Legislative Services

The 2017 Legislative Session Summary from the Virginia Division of Legislative Services has been published online. You can read it here:

"This publication presents a summary of legislation considered by the Virginia General Assembly at its 2017 Regular Session through adjournment sine die on February 25, 2017. Detailed information on any piece of legislation in Virginia may be found on the Virginia Legislative Information System (" 

"Bill summaries are organized by alphabetical subject areas that correspond to titles in the Code of Virginia. Bills that affect more than one Code title have been placed under the dominant subject area of the legislation. Bills that do not amend the Code of Virginia are also listed under the subject headings." 

"Within each subject heading, the bills are further differentiated as Passed or Failed. Passed bills are subject to review and veto by the Governor; thus, some of the bills listed as passed in this volume may be amended and some may not become law. Bills that have been vetoed by the Governor or that have received Governor’s recommendations and may be acted upon by the General Assembly at the Reconvened Session on April 5, 2017, include such notation accordingly. The General Assembly sometimes incorporates provisions from one bill into another bill, so even if a bill has failed, one or more of its provisions may exist in legislation that has been passed." 

"Five special categories of legislation follow the bills listed by subject area: constitutional amendment resolutions, other resolutions, miscellaneous noncodified bills (including the budget and bonds), charter bills, and study resolutions."