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2017 Legislative Session Update: Crossover, Canvassing, Etc.

Governor McAuliffe and I met on Wednesday, February 8th following an Arts Caucus meeting to discuss the upcoming "Special Art from Special Artists" art show I host in the General Assembly Building each year.


Last Tuesday, February 7th, was the annual crossover deadline for House and Senate bills to be heard for consideration. Bills that have passed the House will "cross over" to the Senate, and bills that have passed the Senate will likewise "cross over" to the House. 

This year two of my bills have passed through the House and will be heard by the Senate: HB 1651 and HB 2090.

HB 1651 provides that an inmate who has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment that makes the inmate ineligible for release, excluding geriatric release, prior to 75 years of age is exempt from depositing 10 percent of any funds the inmate receives into an inmate personal trust account.

HB 2090 requires a charitable organization to include in its annual registration statement an additional statement indicating the percentage of contributions received that was dedicated to the charitable purpose of the charitable organization during the preceding fiscal year.

The House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees released their proposed versions of the state budget on Sunday, February 12th.  The budget process and proposed versions are here.  There is also side by side comparison of these budgets here: BUDGET COMPARISON.



The Mason Canvassing Team is canvassing both days this weekend to circulate petitions for our candidates to get on the ballot for the next election.  They have two shifts on Saturday Feb 11 and two on Sunday Feb 12. The schedule and location details are below:


Saturday, February 11th

Liz Shortt’s House, 7408 Masonville Dr

Shift one: 11 am

Shift two: 1:30 pm


Sunday, February 12th

Abby Wax’s House, 6335 Lakewood Dr

Shift one: 11 am

Shift two: 1:30 pm


You can join this effort by signing up here:

Signup Genius Link

You’ll see many slots for each shift, there is no difference between them all. Just choose a slot for the shift you want for the day you want.

It’s time to get out there and KEEP VIRGINIA BLUE!




Remarks from my testimony to Education subcommittee chaired by Delegate Dickie Bell

Aging school buildings present a danger to our children's health.  Lead from out-dated pipes carrying water from the public water system to the school may leech out into the drinking water fed into drinking fountains and cafeterias. That drinking water will be contaminated with lead regardless of the purity of the water before it reaches the school.  Schools built or added onto before 1986 are especially vulnerable (because of federal prohibitions against using lead in the manufacture of plumbing pipes) and present a serious health hazard. Regular sampling of the water inside schools will ensure that our children are not poisoned by this neurotoxin.


My original bill, HB 2089, instructed each local school board to develop, implement and post a plan to test and, if necessary,remediate, potable water from sources identified by the EPA as high priority for testing....The School Board shall give priority in the testing plan to those school buildings that were constructed, in whole or in party, before 1986. If the testing results indicate a level of lead that is at or above 20 parts per billion, the School Board shall take the water source out of service & post the testing results on its website, along with a remediation plan to reduce the lead level to to below 20 parts per billion.  The remediation results shall be posted and theremdiated water site shall be retested to confirm such remediation.


This is a summary of what the many versions of the bill required of school systems. My bill was reduced to a substitute that required the DOE & VDH to conduct a survey of all school systems in Va to determine the need for and the feasibility of testing potable water in each public elementary and secondary school for the presence of lead & report the results to the State Board of Education. Then it was tabled. (largely because of complaints of the expected testing cost--but there are easy ways to bring the cost down--and what is the price for our children's health?


Manassas City schools tested this summer & found 3 schools with too much lead. Arlington tested this summer & found one school w/ poisonous lead levels & FCPS is testing now.


Senator Jeremy McPike's bill, which mirrored my defeated bill, should be heard in full Ed Committee on Monday.




The Mission of the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia, Inc. (ECNV) is to empower people with disabilities to live independently.

ECNV's goals are to enable individuals with disabilities to:

• improve the quality of their lives; 
• determine their own lifestyles; 
• participate in all aspects of society;
• secure their human and civil rights;
• exercise self advocacy; and 
• ensure a system for consumer control and policy direction

Meeting with ECNV's Director of Advocacy & Outreach Doris Ray and fellow advocates on February 1



As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, and concerns.  Please email me at or call me at my Richmond office, (804) 698-1038, if you would like to get into contact with me.

Best wishes to you all, and I hope to see you here at the Capitol!

Kaye Kory

Delegate, 38th District