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Addenda to May Newsletter -- Speaking Further of Transportation


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Speaking Further of Transportation

Dear friend,

I have a few important addenda to the information in my most recent newsletter.

VDOT has published its paving schedule for this calendar year. You can find a spreadsheet listing the specific locations of pavement contracts at For a visual, see this map and zoom in on our area. The map gives an assessment of the condition of pavement on each road and indicates where repaving is slated to occur with the black lines that look like railroad tracks.

In addition, the state's budget, reflecting actions taken in this year's session, is now available at You may be especially interested in VDOT's budget, which you'll find here—$6176 million in total. I am working on developing a more detailed breakdown of the VDOT budget.

It remains an honor to represent you.



Kaye Kory
38th District



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