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Kaye Takes on the Virginia 2017 Integrity Challenge

The Coalition for Integrity, a non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on promoting integrity in the public and private sectors, is calling on all General Assembly candidates to endorse the Virginia Integrity Challenge and pledge to do the following:

 •  To disclose on my campaign website all contributions received and expenditures made by my campaign committee;
 •  To disclose on my campaign website my financial disclosure forms; and,
 •  To disclose on my campaign website all gifts that I receive while running for office or serving in office, including gifts given to my immediate family members.

In endorsing the challenge, I agree to provide links on my campaign website to my campaign contribution/expenditure disclosures, my financial disclosures, and my gift disclosures.

As such, I support transparency and will serve with integrity. My personal, gift and campaign finance disclosures can be found here.