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First Annual 38th District Backpack Giveaway!

(This post originally appeared as an online edition of our newsletter on September 30th, 2017.)

Dear Neighbors,

Election Day is five weeks away!

Yes, all elections are important.  However, the election on November 7th is truly IMPORTANT.  This election will have far-reaching, long-lasting effects: it will determine if Virginia will end gerrymandering;  if we will have equitable healthcare; and true voting rights.   The decisions we make on Nov. 7th will set state and federal policy for the next 10 years.  Do you want our gerrymandered state district boundaries fairly redrawn? One-person-one-vote? Access to healthcare? Excellent public education?   Vote on Nov. 7th  or vote absentee in person NOW!

Absentee voting has begun. More information on how you can vote is available on my website, here.



We need more Democrats in the House of Delegates. Currently the House is controlled by the Republican party. Debate is shut down and ideological lockstep prevails in every vote.  Send more Democrats to Richmond to ensure that we will have fair and authentic law-making in our Commonwealth. Let your voice be heard on Nov. 7th and the 2018 General Assembly Session. Stay home on Election Day, lose your voice, and representative democracy.


Every Democratic candidate deserves your vote on Nov. 7th.  However, I ask you to support HOD Democratic candidates outside of the 38th District: Karrie Delaney in the 67th District, Shelly Simonds in the 94th District, and David Reed in the 32nd District.  They will be the colleagues I need in Richmond.  They will help me move Virginia forward.  Go to these websites linked above and give your money and time. Please do it now.


I will be on the ballot on Nov. 7th. It has been my honor and privilege to represent you for the past eight years.  I ask that you continue to trust me with your vote. I will take your values and concerns to the General Assembly.  I will fight for our children's future, our neighborhoods, our economic development and our integrity. 






I held the First Annual 38th District Backpack Giveaway.  The Office Depot Foundation, through the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), generously provided me with 150 backpacks filled with school supplies. On August 19th at Woodrow Wilson Library, I gave those backpacks and school supplies to children in need.  They put the backpacks on immediately and couldn't stop smiling. Thank you, Office Depot and NFWL.


Last week it was my pleasure to honor Dan Duncan, former Chair of the NOVA Labor Council, for his 10 years of conscientious service in support of all workers in our region.  We will miss his leadership, energy and generosity of spirit. Thank you, Dan.



I also toured the impressive Community Services Board facility at Merrifield--an example of state and local partnership providing important services to our communities.  I was particularly impressed with the Diversion First program, which trains first-responders to offer mental health and substance abuse intervention when on emergency calls.  


This week I met with representatives of Dominion Power to discuss the ongoing wire undergrounding project.  I welcome your questions about this important (and overdue!) improvement in power delivery and reliability.





I have attended many civic association meetings and events this season.  Please invite me to your neighborhood and let me hear your concerns firsthand.


Finally, thank you to all who strengthened the Stuart Educational Foundation by attending  Bands on the Beach this Saturday.  You have made it possible for us to offer even more higher education scholarships to even more Stuart graduates in need.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017