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Protecting Transgender FCPS Students and Staff from Discrimination

I wrote to the Fairfax County School Board on May 7, urging them to vote to include gender identity in their non-discrimination regulations. They did, indeed, vote to do so. Here is my letter:

Dear Fairfax County School Board Members:

I congratulate you all for initiating a public conversation about the important issue of discrimination in general and the specific addition of gender identity as a protected class to the existing FCPS anti-discrimination policies.

Prohibiting discrimination against FCPS employees and students on the basis of gender identity should already be an unwritten rule within the FCPS community.  However I do realize the value of codifying unwritten rules.

Fortunately Attorney General Mark Herring has formally recognized the legal right of the FCPS Board to adopt anti-discrimination policies.  Therefore, the only barriers to adopting this measure could be either partisan political ideology or fear of a negative voter backlash.  I know that our School Board Members are leaders who are committed to democratic principles and will not bend to these arbitrary political winds.  


I urge you to set an example of the principled leadership that your constituents count upon you to model and vote "Yes" tonight.  

The FCPS Board has an opportunity to make an important difference.

I look to you to guarantee the equal treatment that all are accorded in law under both the Federal and Commonwealth Constitutions.

Do the right thing.  



Kaye Kory
VA House of Delegates 
38th District