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Senator Reeves is rigging his own election & Who does Delegate Ramadan work for?

This week in Richmond, conservatives have gone from outrageous attempts to rig elections to attacks on women's health in the budget. While we're getting closer to the end of the General Assembly session, we still have a lot of fighting left to do.

Thank you so much for your support so far, but stick with us because we need your help to battle through to the end. Here is this week's update on our major issues:

Senator Reeves is rigging his own election

Conservatives in Richmond have continued their attack on attempts to reform voting in Virginia and make our election maps fair and impartial. Senator Bryce Reeves takes the cake. He's pushing legislation to rig his own election by making his district conservative--in an election year!

Please help us spread the word and hold him accountable now.

In other redistricting news, Delegate Mark Cole and other right wing lawmakers have killed every legislative effort to reform the way we draw election maps to ensure the process is fair and impartial. So, there's nothing to stop legislators from gerrymandering their own districts in an election year.

Who does Delegate Ramadan work for?

Did you read our latest blog post that delves into both Delegate David Ramadan's conflicts of interest and the corporate front group ALEC? His new bill would not only make it harder for many working Virginians to make a fair wage, it bears a striking resemblance to anti-worker legislation being pushed in other states.

If you're not afraid to take a look behind the curtain be sure to read the full post.

Attacks on women's health in Virginia's budget

Conservative lawmakers have inserted abortion attacks into Virginia's budget. Low-income women who suffer tragic fetal health complications are under fire from an extreme amendment designed to block their access to care when they encounter tragic fetal health complications. These same extremist lawmakers are also pushing to defund all of our progress to eliminate the burdensome regulations imposed upon Virginia abortion providers.