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Legislative Priority: Health and Senior Services

Addressing seniors


As a member of the Fairfax County School Board, I often had to make impossible decisions as a result of the Republican-controlled General Assembly’s willingness to slash funding for Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens first when times get tough. Now our economic climate is focusing that attention on another susceptible group, senior citizens. The 38th District needs a Delegate who will fight for crucial senior services.

Funding for Adult Day Care

The General Assembly needs to be more active in funding adult day care. The services provided by these institutions are vital to the health and well being of our senior citizens. The Annandale Adult Day Care Center should not be on the chopping block. I have fought – and will continue to fight – for state policies to keep it open.


All of Virginia’s children should have access to health care. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. We need to make sure all Virginia children who are eligible are enrolled in federally-funded programs providing access to health insurance so they get the preventive health care they need.

100% Enrollment in SCHIP

As Governor, Senator Mark Warner made child health insurance a priority and oversaw campaign leading to an impressive 97% of eligible Virginia children being enrolled in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). As your delegate I will continue to fight with my fellow Democrats to push that needle to 100% – an increasingly important priority as the economy takes it’s toll on family health insurance.


Incredible advances in science and medicine mean we can catch and provide care for some of our most serious diseases. Now we need to make sure health insurance companies are making those advances accessible to all of us.

Expanding Access to Cancer Screenings

As your delegate I will work to make insurance companies adhere to a uniform standard when it comes to preventative cancer screenings. If an insurer is going to cover a prostate cancer screening, it should cover an ovarian cancer screening as well. Access to these screenings save lives and money.

Expanding Access to Birth Control

I have seen the alarming rise in teenage pregnancy, both as a Fairfax County School Board member and as a Delegate. Coverage for birth control is uneven at best, and as your delegate, I am fighting to make sure that birth control is affordable and available to all women who make the choice to use it.

Expanding Access and Care for People with Autism

Autism can be diagnosed earlier than ever, and intervention and treatment can significantly improve the lives of those living with it. But education programs for people with autism are being cut. People with autism regress when not offered full time access to education. As your delegate, I am fighting to ensure education for people with autism is protected, including crucial summer programs that are so important in helping people with autism live full and valuable lives.