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Legislative Priority: Human Rights and Social Justice

Mason police officers visit the National Night Out gathering in the Lafayette Village townhouse community in Annandale.

All Virginians Deserve Fair and Equal Treatment

We must ensure that all Virginians are represented fairly and equally under state law.  But, that is not the case right now.  Same-sex partnerships are explicitly illegal in Virginia. And, Virginia has hate crime laws that do not include crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity and domestic violence laws that explicitly exclude same-sex survivors of domestic violence. Moreover, the House of Delegates in 2011 squarely put the crosshairs on our immigrant neighbors, passing at least 15 onerous, hateful bills specifically targeted against immigrants.  This is simply wrong.

Partnering with public safety officials is critical to maintaining safe neighborhoods

Public safety is a major concern of the constituents of the 38th District.  Our district has a very low crime rate, which is the foundation of our fine quality of life.  Governor Kaine has often said, “We can’t be tough on crime without being smart about crime.”  Therefore, public safety must be approached from a comprehensive point of view.  We must take very good care of our police, firefighters and EMTs, as they protect us and ensure the freedom that a low crime rate and safe neighborhoods allow.  We must partner with them and never take their extraordinary service for granted.