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From the Front Row: Kaye's Richmond Report

This week I have been pleased to accept an appointment to the Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care (JCHC). The commission was established in 1992 with this mission: “to ensure that the Commonwealth as provider, financier and regulator adopts the most cost effective and efficacious means of delivery of health care services so that the greatest number of Virginians receive quality health care.” The commission has 18 members, all legislators, and a staff of four. Delegate John O’Bannon (R-73rd) serves as commission chair. Dr.

NY Times: A Healthcare Showdown in Virginia

A Health Care Showdown in Virginia

In Virginia, there are 400,000 low-income people who can’t afford health coverage but don’t qualify for federal insurance subsidies. If they lived across the state line in Maryland, West Virginia or Kentucky, which have expanded their Medicaid programs, they could get the coverage they need. Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia governor, campaigned on bringing an expanded Medicaid program to Virginia, too.

Congratulations to Attorney General Mark Herring for his opinion that DACA students are eligible for in-state tuition

Congratulations to Attorney General Mark Herring for his opinion that DACA students are eligible for in-state tuition under current Virginia law.  I have been fighting for this opportunity for the past two General Assembly sessions.  This is the right thing to do.  I am proud that Virginia elected an AG with the courage to extend the American Dream to future citizens who will enrich our Commonwealth.


Richmond Report March 7, 2014

Richmond Report: March 7, 2014

Dear Friends,

As we complete the regular Legislative Session we still do not have a budget. The sticking point has been and still is Medicaid Expansion, i.e., Marketplace Virginia. A new budget is absolutely necessary for the government to continue to operate after June 30, and I expect the Governor will call a Special Session for this purpose in mid‐March.

Richmond Report January 24, 2014

Richmond report: January 24, 2014: Tuition Equity Act, legislation update, town hall meeting,
Dear Friends,
We have now completed a little more than two weeks of the Legislative Session, and here is some late‐breaking news: My bill, HB 59, the Tuition Equity Act, offering in‐state tuition to undocumented students designated for Deferered Action, will be heard next Tuesday afternoon.
Here is an update on how my other bills are faring:

Kaye's Richmond Report January 10, 2014

Richmond Report, January 10, 2014: first week report, survey
Dear Friends,
This marks the end of the first week of the 2014 Legislative Session. We are very pleased, of course, at the prospect of installing newly‐elected statewide office holders. In particular we look forward to the inspiration and leadership offered by our about‐to‐be‐inaugurated Governor, Terry McAuliffe.

Kaye's Legislative Package 2014

Kaye’s Legislative Package 2014

Final disposition of all introduced legislation

Bills enacted into law

HB22, altering the unemployment compensation tax calculation formula for certain small businesses.

HB 484, prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public schools.

HB764, directing the Board of Audiology and Speech Pathology to review the need for licensure of assistant speech-language pathologists.


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